Vital Cell® – Anti-Aging Formula for Circulation

Vital Cell®  is an advanced herbal formula designed to counter a host of problems commonly associated with human aging. By supporting healthy microcirculatory performance, Vital Cell has been shown to enhance energy levels, reduce plasma viscosity, enhance microcirculation and reverse capillary damage. Additionally, by promoting improved internal organ function and speeding removal of cellular waste products, such as lipofuscin, Vital Cell can support the immune system to increase resistance to illness while improving overall health.*

Astragalus (Radix Astragali) – one of the key active ingredients in Vital Cell – is revered in a Traditional Chinese Medicine as an advanced anti-aging compound frequently used in formulas to counter  a wide range of common discomforts associated with human aging. By maintaining healthy microcirculation, Vital Cell promotes internal organ health while supporting the body’s natural detoxification of cellular metabolic waste products. Vital Cell has also been shown to exert a positive effect on oxygen uptake and delivery.*

This synergistic blend of herbs also provides support for the immune system while improving overall health.* Given this wide range of benefits, Vital Cell is especially well-suited for the elderly, competitive athletes and adults of all ages that experience occasional stress.*

The following table links to additional materials and research papers on the wide range of restorative benefits of Vital Cell:



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